Makeup Artist Training in Georgia

Make-Up Artist Training

A huge part of the beauty industry is transforming a person's appearance, and makeup artists can dramatically change a person's style with a few brush strokes!

If you're artistic, creative, and dedicated to making people feel beautiful, you could be a very successful makeup artist.

Makeup Schools in Atlanta
State License Requirements

To become a makeup artist in Georgia, you must earn an esthetician license. Before taking your licensing exams, you must complete 1,000 hours of training in a standard beauty school esthetics program or 2,000 hours of apprenticeship training. The application fee in Georgia is $30.


Get application forms from the licensing agency:

Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers

Education Details

Makeup artist programs vary in length, but in general, you can plan on spending at least two months in school. This is because makeup artistry is such a diverse field. You need to know about styles and colors for different seasons, customer preferences, skin types, and occasions. Learn more about makeup artist programs for Georgia students today. Contact the schools in our complete directory to get started! As a beginning makeup artistry student, you may start off by learning about the many tools used in makeup application. When you take a look at your makeup kit, you may be amazed by how many brushes, applicators, and containers you have. Early in your education, you'll learn what each tool is used for, how it's used, and how to take care of it. Makeup application is all about the colors! You'll delve into color theory, which involves figuring out which colors work together. This also helps you choose colors that work well with a customer's coloring and face shape. Now, get ready to add some makeup application techniques to your toolbox. Makeup artist training in Georgia can teach you how to apply makeup for daily use and how to do makeup for special events. Many programs even teach you how to do artistic or stage makeup application.

License Renewal
Hours required vary by licensure

If you take get an esthetic license, you will need to renew every two years, no later than March 31st. The fee is currently $50.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

While beauty professionals tend to have a positive job outlook throughout the country, the job outlook is even better in Georgia. Between 2010 and 2020, O*Net expects job openings for cosmetology professionals to increase by 27%. This is considerably higher than the national average growth rate of 13% (O*Net, 2013). You may be curious about how much money you can earn as a Georgia makeup artist. A lot depends on where you work. If you work for a salon, spa, or department store, you may earn a base hourly salary and get a set number of hours. If you become a freelance makeup artist, your income may differ from week to week. O*Net indicates that the average salary for a cosmetology professional is $20,900 per year. Their estimates show salaries of $16,400 to $38,200 per year (O*Net, 2013). Makeup artists in Georgia do not have to worry about licensure, so you can begin your career once you have the skills and tools needed to serve your customers! You may want to look into membership in a local organization, such as Makeup Artists of Atlanta.

Working as a Makeup Artist

Who knows where your career as a makeup artist will take you? You may work in a department store, helping people discover the full potential of their beauty and showing them what a little bit of makeup can do. You may work for special events, making women feel gorgeous on their wedding day. If you have aspirations of working in the entertainment industry, maybe you'll even work on the set of a film or television show. It's clear that there are lots of different ways to use your training. No matter where you decide to take your career, you can anticipate some long days and erratic hours. Lots of people get their makeup done during the evening or on the weekends, so plan accordingly. If you decide to work on a freelance basis, you may work zero hours one day and 12 the next. It all depends on market demands! Makeup artistry is truly a career where you can start with nothing and end up with everything. The Fashion Spot interviewed Sonia Kashuk, a well-known makeup artist and entrepreneur that began as a video stylist and worked her way up to creating one of the world's best-known makeup brands. With an education in makeup design, you can create your own path.

State board Contact Information

Georgia State Board of Cosmetology
214 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone Number: 404-656-2881

The Georgia State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers can help you with replacing a lost cosmetology license, updating change of name or change of address information, and acquiring out-of-state and other useful forms, as well as answer additional questions about obtaining a Georgia state cosmetology license.


Find the Beauty Schools in Georgia that interest you below,

Georgia Career Institute (GA)

900 Flat Shoals Rd SE,
Conyers, GA 30094

Program: Cosmetology

Great Careers Start at the Institute! Welcome to Georgia Career Institute - Conyers Campus! Our newest, state-of-the-art-facility is conveniently located off exit 82 from I-20 in Conyers - only 25 minutes from midtown Great Careers Start at the Institute! Welcome to Georgia Career Institute - Conyers Campus! Our newest, state-of-the-art-facility is conveniently located off exit 82 from I-20 in Conyers - only 25 minutes from midtown Atlanta. Turn south onto GA hwy 20, go 5 lights and turn right onto Flat Shoals. The campus comprises more than 25,000 sq ft of salon, spa classroom and retail space and offers a professional atmosphere unsurpassed in our region. For nearly 30 years, the Institute has demonstrated success in preparing its graduates to enter into and succeed in the Beauty and Wellness fields as: • Cosmetologists • Nail Technicians • Estheticians • Massage Therapists • Educators At the Institute, we don't just prepare you for your license exams - our approach is to teach you what you really need to know to build a successful career. Our curricula is designed to go significantly beyond the basics to help you truly understand what it takes to become a professional in your field. Progressive teaching methods are utilized which encourage originality and self-expression by our students. Our efforts are directed to serving the student who is inquisitive, eager, and responsive in recognizing the value of a top quality, comprehensive, professional education. You have more career choices and ways to prepare yourself for that career than any generation before you. Choosing one of the Beauty or Wellness fields could be a great decision for you if this is where your passion lies. These fields are projected by the US Bureau of Labor statistics to be among the fastest growing fields in the upcoming decade. We are grateful that you have decided to explore your options at the Institute. As we decide together whether this is the place for you, we invite you to contact us and come check us out personally so that you can get all the information you need to make the right choice for your future. Cosmetology The Cosmetology Program is comprehensive and teaches the student the basics to more advanced procedures in: • haircutting • hairstyling • permanent waving • coloring • color correction • manicuring/pedicuring • facials and basic skin care This program is offered in flexible day and evening schedules and prepares the student to qualify to take the state board exam for a Cosmetology license. It takes about a year to complete during the day schedule and approximately 18 months in the evening. Nail Technology The Institute's Program in Nail Technology takes approximately 6 months to complete during the day and nine months during the evening. You will learn everything you need to start a career in this high-demand field from the basics of manicuring to more complex nail additions and art. • basic and advanced manicuring and pedicuring • nail art • wraps • nail tips • sculptured nails • gels • acrylics Also in this program, an introduction to basic Aromatherapy and reflexology is included. Esthetics One of the fastest growing professional segments of the cosmetology industry is Esthetics. The Esthetician is responsible for the care, repair and enhancement of the skin, our largest organ. As the general population ages and becomes more aware of the importance of this vital organ, the Esthetics industry is booming. Every day, more and more women as well as men are seeking treatment and instruction in the care of their skin. As a student at the Institute you will be learn everything you need to know to begin a skincare career from the basic facial to rejuvenating procedures including microdermabrasion, galvanic, high frequency and ultrasonic treatments. Students learn several techniques for exfoliation as hair removal becomes more in demand for both men and women in the spa environment. Instruction in spa body treatments will teach you how to help your clients achieve a sense of relaxation and balance as well as for detoxification of the body. The science and art of makeup is explored during the course and the student will decide if he or she wants to move more toward the spa setting or the medical setting and ample opportunity is available for study in either area. This program is offered in both the Day and Evening Schedules and will prepare the student for a career in esthetics and for the licensing examination of the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology. Advanced courses are available to our graduates and other licensed esthetician in Applied Clinical Esthetics (ACE) for those interested in working for a medical professional or facility. In ACE the student will be exposed to pre- and post-operative care for skin surgery clients and more advanced resurfacing techniques. Another advanced program is available for makeup artistry that includes introductions to corrective makeup applications and makeup for the film and television industries. Massage Therapy Massage has been utilized for relaxation and therapeutic applications for thousands of years. Today more people are realizing the therapeutic benefits of massage than ever before. Massage therapy can be useful for the relief of many conditions including: • Stress • Tension • Chronic muscle problems • Joint and circulatory issues The Massage Therapy Program at Georgia Career Institute instructs the student in various modalities including: • Swedish • Deep Tissue • Sports Injury Assessment • Asian techniques • Neuromuscular Therapy • Reflexology • And more These techniques are supported by a robust study of Human Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology throughout the program. Students will also learn the basics of building a massage business and will prepare for national examination during their course of study. The program at the Institute contains 750 contact hours of student and takes approximately one year to complete. Classes are available during the day and evening schedules. Students learn how to use the art of massage to help others increase their range of motion and flexibility to alleviate some of their discomfort and learn to help clients de-stress in this comprehensive program. The Educators Program In the Institute's Instructors' Program, students who have already become licensed beauty professionals can take their career to another level and learn the Institute's particular approach to pedagogical science and methodology. Professionals in this program will learn techniques required to develop lesson plans, classroom management and procedures, and to measure and evaluate student skills and competencies using our own rubrics and other tools. Acceptance into this program is extremely limited and requires and interview and evaluation of the education and campus director. Accreditations, Licensing, Affiliation and Financial Aid Georgia Career Institute is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education Our beauty programs are licensed by the State of Georgia Board of Cosmetology Massage Therapy is licensed by the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission We are proud members of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, The National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations (NCEA), the Cosmetology Educators of America, The American Massage Therapy Association and an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau. Members of our Esthetics Faculty are NCEA Certified The Institute is approved by the US Department of Education to participate in Title IV Financial Aid programs. Our Student Financial Services Department is available to guide you through the application process for financial aid. The Institute is approved for Veterans' Educational Benefits. Contact The Institute! We appreciate your interest and welcome your visit to our Conyers, GA Campus. Please click the "Request Information" button on this page to find out more. You must be a high school graduate, or possess a General Equivalency Diploma to attend Georgia Career Institute. High School Seniors are also welcome to explore with us to plan for study after high school graduation.
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