Make-Up Artist Training

No matter where you go, it's impossible to avoid the makeup people wear! Sometimes you notice the makeup before you see the person wearing it; by becoming a makeup artist, you can create looks and styles that showcase a person's traits, not their makeup.

Makeup artist training in Virginia can give you a variety of skills that help you do makeup for different situations, peoples, and styles. Request information from multiple schools in your zip code to compare makeup artist programs in Virginia!

State License Requirements

In Virginia, makeup artists do not need to pursue licensure or certification. However, you may be interested in learning more about the beauty industry in Virginia by joining the Virginia State Beauticians Association.

Education Details

One of the first subjects you cover in makeup artist training is the face. Not putting makeup on it yet—just studying it! Your experienced instructors can show you how to look at a client's face, assess its shape and build, and think about which colors and techniques would best accentuate it. Plan on getting lots of practice in this area, since understanding a client's unique needs is a big part of being a successful makeup artist. Color theory goes right along with face shape. In your training, you can learn about different color families and how they work on different clients' faces. You may also learn about choosing colors for the seasons, since clients may want to update their looks on a regular basis. Careful application will take up lots of time in your training. From practicing on mannequin heads to using your skills on clients, you'll get quite a bit of experience with makeup tools and different types of cosmetics.

License Renewal
Hours required vary by licensure

To become a licensed professional in the field of makeup in Virginia, you will need to consider esthetician or cosmetology training programs. Since there isn’t a makeup artist license in the state, these are your best options. We recommend esthetician programs for students who aren’t interested in offering hair or nail services. If you are, then cosmetology programs are the best option. Either way, you will need to renew your license to maintain your active status. This takes place every two years for a $105 fee.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

Becoming a makeup artist may give you the freedom to explore many different career options. Each career path has its own job outlook, so it's important to evaluate your nearby market and decide which path is best for you. Some makeup artists work on a freelance basis, while others may work for salons or makeup counters. O*Net expects job openings for Virginia beauty professionals to increase by 11% between 2012 and 2022. This is very similar to the national job growth (O*Net, 2012). In many cases, Virginia beauty professionals can earn salaries that are significantly higher than the national average. O*Net reports a median income of $28,000 per year, which is almost $5,000 higher than the national average salary. Those with experience and seniority may earn more than $60,200 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Working as a Makeup Artist

Whether you want to work for yourself as a freelance makeup artist or take on a more traditional job in a salon or makeup shop, a makeup artistry job may have lots of opportunities for dedicated beauty professionals. You'll need to be ready to change your schedule at a moment's notice to suit your clients' needs. Some clients may call you last-minute for special event makeup, daily makeup, or a touchup. You may also need to plan for full days during wedding season, prom or homecoming season, and other major events. It's clear that becoming a makeup artist can give you room for upward growth in your career. Alejandra Barraza is a makeup artist that moved to the United States from Peru and studied makeup artistry. Her hard work and dedication to this field has led to four years as the Best Hair & Makeup award winner at the Latin Grammys, a rewarding career in business ownership, and a great reputation for beautiful makeup. As you move throughout the course of your career, you may wish to attend makeup artist courses that show you new techniques and trends. Clients will want you to display a wide range of skills, and the more skills you have, the more appealing you may be to employers! Contact multiple schools near you to make sure you choose the right makeup artist program!

State board Contact Information

Virginia Board for Barbers & Cosmetology
Perimeter Center, Suite 400
9960 Maryland Drive
Richmond, VA 23233
Phone Number: 804-367-8509
Fax Number: 866-245-9693
E-mail Address:

For specific questions, including change of address information, license renewal and out-of-state licensing forms, please contact the Virginia Board of Barbers and Cosmetology directly, using the contact information above.

Find the Beauty Schools in Virginia that interest you below,

Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Arlington

4238 Wilson Boulevard,Ste. 2150
Arlington, VA 22203

Program: Cosmetology

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21040 Sycolin Road,
Ashburn, VA 20147

Program: Cosmetology

Empire Beauty School - Midlothian-Richmond

10807 Hull Street Road,
Midlothian-Richmond, VA 23112

Program: Cosmetology

Empire Beauty School - Newport News

12365 Hornsby Ln,
Newport News, VA 23602

Program: Cosmetology

Empire Beauty School - Richmond

9049 West Broad Street,
Richmond, VA 23294

Program: Cosmetology

Empire Beauty School - Virginia-Beach

116 S. Independence Blvd.,
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Program: Cosmetology

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