Massage Therapy Training in Washington

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an ever-growing field that seeks to help people relax and de-stress from a stressful day, and Washington, the Evergreen State, is a great place to enroll in one of these massage schools.

With rich natural beauty of rain forests, mountain ranges and rocky coastline and strong liberal and holistic movements in cities like Seattle, Washington massage colleges are poised and ready to prepare their students for future careers in the wellness practitioner business. Earn a salary to help people feel their best with an education in massage therapy in Washington.

State License Requirements

To get licensed in Washington, the State Department of Health requires completion of at least 500 hours training at an approved school. The contents of this training program are very specific and are outlined on the Department of Health website. In addition to massage techniques and theory, the state expects education on business practices, ethics and HIV/AIDS. Students complete of an exam covering the laws and regulations applicable to massage. Finally, students must pass a national certification exam, either the NCBTMB or the MBLEx. Licensed massage therapists can enjoy the freedom and flexibility a career in massage offers. Completion of license requirements may give you the skills to open and run your own therapy practice or to contribute in many ways to any clinic or spa setting.

Education Details

Students considering massage therapy schools in Washington State have the opportunity to enter one of the fastest growing fields in America. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates massage therapy growth at 20% by 2020. For Washington the estimate is 31% growth by 2018. Many conditions respond to massage therapy, including back pain, migraines, stress and anxiety, carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, pregnancy discomfort, pain and nausea from cancer and insomnia. As a massage school graduate, you can have the confidence, competence and professionalism to meet your potential as a professional massage therapist.

License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
2 Years*
License Renewal Period

In Washington, massage therapists must complete at least 500 hours of practical training through a state-approved program before they can take their written exam and apply for licensure. This will cost $106 for the initial application. Once you receive your license, you will need to renew it every year. Currently, the fee is $81. Washington State also requires massage therapists to complete at least 24 units of continuing education every year. That’s why it is important to speak with schools and compare programs. With all these requirements, you will want to get started on the right foot!

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

Massage therapy has a projected job growth and the vast opportunities available in Washington State. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean salary for a Washington licensed massage therapist is $54,110. It is the 4th highest paying state in the nation, boasting 3 of the top 10 highest paying metropolitan areas: Mt. Vernon metro (4th), Seattle metro (6th) and Portland-Vancouver metro (7th). Washington also claims some of the highest employment levels for LMTs, with the Olympia metro area ranking 2nd in the nation and Spokane 5th. The state overall has the 3rd most locations and employment opportunities for massage practitioners, and the 4th highest employment of all states in the nation. If you wish to consider a career in massage therapy, then choosing the right massage school is a critical decision.

Working as a Massage Therapist

As more people turn to massage therapy for alternative pain relief and stress management, the job outlook for massage therapists in Washington is looking better than ever. Job opportunities for massage therapists are estimated to grow at a rate of 22% through 2024, which is faster than average for other healthcare support occupations and all occupations. The surge in job openings in recent years is largely due to an increase in the number of franchised massage clinics that have certainly made massage therapy more affordable and convenient for a wider demographic of people.

State board Contact Information

Washington State Department of Health Board of Massage Board of Massage P.O. Box 47877 Olympia, WA 98504-7877 Phone: 360-236-4700 In the massage therapy profession, it is important that individuals network among others in the profession, and one of the best ways to do that is by joining a professional massage therapy organization. In the state of Washington, a couple of those organizations can be found below, and they show different regulations one needs to know about when practicing massage therapy.

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