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How to Become a Laser Technician in Indiana

Indiana Laser Technician Careers At a Glance
  • You must renew your license every 3 years.
  • Average salary for laser training in Indiana is $21,240.
  • There is a predicted 12.5% job increase between 2012 - 2022.

No matter where you live in Indiana, you can likely see how popular laser hair removal is. Of course, large cities like Indianapolis are home to plenty of facilities with laser hair removal services, but laser hair removal is so common that it's even offered in rural and suburban areas. If you attend a laser training program and learn how to remove hair from various parts of the body, you may have the skills and license needed to serve the people of Indiana.

State License Requirements

In the state of Indiana, laser hair removal is tightly regulated. In fact, according to the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana, only physicians are currently allowed to perform laser hair removal. This is due to the fact that lasers are generally considered medical equipment.

Education Details

However, this is a trend that's changing around the country. Because of advocacy efforts, many states are loosening laser hair removal restrictions to make the service more accessible. Indiana laser training programs can prepare you with the knowledge you need to do laser hair removal.

In your training program, you may explore the following topics:

  • Laser physics, safety, and contraindications
  • Patient selection
  • Tissue interaction
  • Hair and skin analysis
  • Anatomy and physiology of hair and skin
  • Excessive hair growth
  • Laser parameters, chromophores, pulse duration, and wavelength
  • Hair removal techniques Pre- and post-care
  • Policies and procedures

Laser training programs in Indiana tend to include quite a bit of practical experience, since using a laser is a skill that requires a lot of hands on training and practice. Consider choosing a program that really emphasizes the importance of job exposure.

License Renewal

3 Years

License renewal period

0 Hours

Continuing education required

Estheticians, cosmetologists, nurses, and other professionals in related occupations should consider taking a laser technician training course recognized by the National Council on Laser Certification (NCLC). They are the nationally recognized organization for education credentials in the field of laser technology. Once you become registered with this organization, you will need to renew it every three years by submitting this application along with a $95 fee.

Indiana Laser Training Careers


Average yearly salary for laser training in Indiana

Permanent hair removal is a procedure that falls into the field of cosmetology, and job outlook data is included in the data gathered for skin care specialists. Between 2012 and 2022, you may see job openings for skin care specialists increase by 9% throughout Indiana (O*Net, 2016). The average salary for a skin care specialist is $29,100 per year (O*Net, 2016). Future legislative changes in Indiana really determine where laser hair removal can occur. Some states have adapted their laws to require this procedure to take place in a medical center with a doctor present, while others allow it to be done in spas and salons. When you attend IN laser training schools, you can learn about the policies and statutes that outline your career opportunities.

Hair removal and skin care technicians primarily have three job options: working in medical offices, employment with salons, and self-employment. Working in healthcare offers opportunities to work with patients in a conservative environment. Working in a salon offers opportunities to work with clients in a casual work environment. Being self-employed offers opportunities to create the environment of your choice. According to job growth numbers, the job outlook for Indiana hair removal and skin care technicians looks promising.

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