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How to Become a Salon Manager in Massachusetts

Maybe you have been working in the beauty industry for a number of years, and you are asking yourself if there is anything beyond the daily experience of seeing individual clients and working on their hair, or providing another salon service that, while important and worthwhile, especially to the client who receives it, is becoming routine and ho-hum to you. Perhaps you feel yourself growing stale in a job you have grown good at, and that is now as comfortable as a well-worn shoe. If you are ready for new challenges, something fresh and exciting, something different, but not too different, perhaps what you are seeking is a career in spa or salon management.

Spa and salon management gives you a different angle on the beauty industry - you're surrounded by people practicing the standard beauty skills that you've been practicing for years, but now you are in charge of the larger picture, the day to day running of the operations that make your particular spa or salon run smoothly and efficiently. Spa and salon managers need to have good business skills, and be able to make good business decisions for the benefit of the entire operation. They must be willing to work hard because there are so many tasks they need to do, and they must have good energy and stamina, because their days will be long and they will be busy.

State License Requirements

You don't need to possess a specific license to manage a spa or salon, but many states require that you be licensed in an area of the beauty industry. It is helpful to possess a valid license so that you can relate better to the staff you are managing, and also so you can fill in for them when there are unexpected absences.

Education Details

The most important skill set you will need revolves around running a successful small business. This includes all aspects of finance, marketing and advertising, hiring, managing, and leading staff towards a unified mission, as well as inventory control, safety and sanitation compliance and laws and more. Most schools of cosmetology, hair dressing, and hair styling offer programs for people who wish to move their careers in this new direction. Very often, the courses you need to take are offered on weekends and evenings, so you can continue with your current job while you are preparing for a new one. It is likely to take you at least six months to a year or longer to complete your program, leading to a certificate. In your program you'll learn from successful spa and salon managers who will share their experiences and wisdom with you. Business experts will teach you the basics, and you'll look at case studies of spa and salon businesses that have succeeded and failed. Some two year community colleges may also offer programs in salon and spa management.

License Renewal

While it may not be necessary to earn your license to become a salon manager in Massachusetts, we highly recommend cosmetology training before applying for this role. Cosmetology licensure can give you the confidence, credibility and skills to manage beauticians and ensure they deliver awesome services to your customers. If you earn your license in this state, you will have to renew it every two years by your birthday. The fee is $68 - but we think it's worth it!

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Average yearly salary for salon management in Massachusetts

According to O*Net, cosmetologists, hair dressers, and hair stylists in Massachusetts earned an average salary of $28,200 in 2013. Most cosmetologists earn their income from fees and from client tips. As a spa or salon manager, you are more likely to earn a salary and receive much less of your income from tips. Although you may see clients occasionally, mostly by filling in for absent staff, most of your work involves running the salon or studio. Managers tend to earn more than cosmetologists, because theirs is a big step up in responsibility, but what you will actually earn depends on many factors including where you work, whether you are an assistant or a full manager, how many years you have been managing, and more.

One thing about being a spa or salon manager is for sure: you will be busy. As the go-to person in the facility, you will be the one that people come to with issues and problems, and you will need to generate solutions. Much of your day will be spent in the office taking care of the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a spa or salon, such as paying bills and handling financial matters, planning advertising campaigns, marketing, and promotions, dealing with issues related to staff, and more. You will also be out on the floor a good deal of time, walking around seeing that things are running smoothly and customers are satisfied, that safety and sanitation regulations are being followed. You may spend some time at the front desk greeting clients as they enter the salon and checking them out as they leave, possibly answering phones and making appointments. If there are any client complaints, these will come to you to resolve. You will also need to have a vision for the direction you want to see your facility move in, and be able to communicate this vision to all your staff and have them by into it. Thus staff leadership is an important role you will play, as well. Spa and salon management is demanding, time consuming work. But if you are ambitious, and you're not afraid of hard work, and you would like to see your career reach the next level, consider going to school to become a spa or salon manager in Massachusetts. It could be the best thing you do for yourself and your future!

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