Esthetician Schools Near Mobile, AL or Pensacola / Fort Walton, FL

If you’re interested in becoming an esthetician, consider beginning your career in one of the beach towns along Florida’s western panhandle or in nearby Alabama. Cities in this area include Pensacola and Fort Walton, Florida and Mobile, Alabama. Due to the mild climate and people being outside at the sunny beaches, people who live here are more likely to suffer from skin problems—meaning you’ll have lots of opportunity to help locals improve their skin. You could also provide spa services to some of the millions of tourists who flock to the area every year.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), skin care specialists in the Pensacola area made an average of $39,580 per year in 2019 ($19.03 per hour). The BLS doesn't maintain data for esthetician salaries in Fort Walton, but the average pay for skin care specialists in the state of Florida was $36,380 ($17.49) as of 2019. The BLS also doesn't provide salaries for estheticians in Mobile, but the average pay in Alabama was $33,930 ($16.31) in 2019.

The number of jobs for estheticians in Florida is projected to grow 19% between 2016 and 2026. Estheticians careers in Alabama are expected to grow by 16% in the same time period. Both states have a higher projected growth rate than the national average for all skin care jobs, which is 11%.

Estheticians in Florida must earn 260 hours of training, plus pass two exams, in order to earn licensure in the state. Licensed estheticians in Alabama must earn either 1,000 hours of training or 2,000 hours of an apprenticeship, and also must pass two exams. The schools below will help you earn your required training hours and pass your exams.

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Paul Mitchell The School

Program: Cosmetology

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Aveda Institute

Program: Cosmetology

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Georgia Career Institute (GA)

Program: Cosmetology

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Esthetician Schools Near You

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