Best 2 Esthetics Schools in Charleston / Huntington (2023)

Discover the best esthetics schools in Charleston / Huntington, as ranked by the Beauty Schools Directory team with the latest data available for 2023.

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Top Esthetics Schools in Charleston / Huntington

#1 - Paramount Beauty Academy
#2 - Charleston School of Beauty Culture

Top Esthetics Schools in Charleston / Huntington (Full List)

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3-Year Average Graduation Rate
2018 – 2020 average:  70.4%
School Profile
3-Year Average Graduation Rate
2018 – 2020 average:  60.3%

How We Ranked Charleston / Huntington Esthetics Programs

The selected esthetics schools are accredited or state-approved to provide esthetics programming according to the licensing requirements in the state. We researched schools that qualified as Title IV institutions and had an average of at least 25 students enrolled in the most recent 3 years of available data (2019 - 2021). These schools are all within 50 miles of a major city center and had a weighted 3-year average graduation rate (2018, 2019, and 2020, the most recent publicly available as of press time) greater than 50%. After filtering for those requirements, we sorted the remaining programs by the highest weighted average graduation rate to determine the top 2 esthetics schools in Charleston / Huntington.

Graduation rate and student enrollment data are from the U.S. Department of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) reports. Certain schools may be omitted from the Beauty Schools Directory ranking, particularly if their IPEDS self-reported data are missing key information. Many excellent educational institutions may as a result not be represented on these rankings of top esthetics schools.

Editorial Transparency and Anti-Bias Statement
This program ranking and others on our site were created by Beauty Schools Directory editorial staff based on both proprietary and publicly available data points. In providing this information for our readers, our team makes editorial decisions independent from any commercial partnerships with any educational institution.