Maintain Your Colored Hair All Summer Long

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Blog by: Anamarie, BSD Content Contributor

Ah. Summer. Finally! With summer, comes one of the most anticipated hobbies of all – laying out. As you soak in the rays at the beach or pool in hopes of getting that golden tan, keep in mind that tanning isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There are dangers to the sun’s rays, not only to your skin, but to your hair as well. Aware or not, the sun can do a pretty bomb job of damaging your hair. This can include drying out your strands, causing dehydration and breakage, and fading your colored locks to an unpleasant and dull shade. Whether you’re a brunette, blonde, red-head or on a different side of the spectrum, you will want to take extra caution to protect your hair this summer.

Below is a list of products & tips to use both BEFORE and AFTER you encounter the sun to keep your locks in tip-top shape!

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Summer Biolage


One way to ensure your hair is healthy BEFORE you tackle the sun this summer is to take vitamins daily. Vitamin C and Biotin (B vitamin), are both essential for preparing your hair to stay healthy and strong not only during the summer months, but throughout the entire year. Hat or patterned scarf– Wear a hat to avoid direct sunlight on your hair while you are out and about in the sun. If you aren’t much of a hat-person, wear a cute patterned scarf to cover your hair instead. Try it with a sleek, low-tied bun or a fun, half-up half-down look.

UV Protection Spray

The variety of these products are endless but really serve one main purpose; protect your hair, like sunscreen protects your skin! I’ve tried numerous brands but continue to go back to these to get the job done, Biolage Color Care Therapy Shine Shake Spray and Wella Sun Protection Spray. To maintain the most moisture and shine possible for your hair, always apply the spray to wet hair. This will allow your hair to absorb the spray and lock in the moisture better.

Coconut Oil

OH the many ways we can use coconut oil! From lip balm, to moisturizer, to coffee creamer and makeup remover – someone stop me because I could go on for days! But for this purpose, coconut oil can be used as a natural sunscreen for your hair, when applied right before you venture outside. Pro tip: make sure your hair is wet when applying oils to your locks. There have also been whispers through the grapevine that avocados and olive oil are good natural sunscreens for your hair too.


Deep Conditioning Treatment

Take the time to condition your hair about twice a week to help restore sun-damaged hair or even hair damaged by coloring-chemicals. Wella Enrich Moisturizing Treatment is one of these great hydrating treatments. Leave in conditioners are also beneficial to use in order to let your strands soak in all the goodness.

Get a trim

If you have just returned home from a long vacation with 7 days of intense heat and beach fun, book a trim with your favorite stylist as soon as possible! Removing the dead or damaged ends of your hair can help rejuvenate your hair and get it back to looking its best!