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How to Become a Salon Manager in Minnesota

Have you ever seen a well-run salon in action? If you have, you know that it is organized, profitable, and most important, good for customer satisfaction. Much is involved in the successful running of a salon, from staff management and customer interaction to small business finances and scheduling.

Whether you're new to the cosmetology field or you're a cosmetologist who's ready to take your career to the next level, it's time to learn more about salon management programs in Minnesota.

State License Requirements

To delve into the field of salon and spa management in Minnesota, you may earn a certificate, a diploma, or an Associate's degree. These programs typically last between one and two years, depending on the type of program you complete. You can find out more about which type of program is right for you by contacting schools with your questions.

Education Details

As you start out in your salon management program, you begin by building your business management skills.

You may take courses like

  • Management Techniques for Spa Managers
  • Staff Communication
  • Human Resources in Small Business

From there, you may learn about the field of cosmetology in Minnesota. This involves exploring cosmetology and salon laws, finding out what different professionals are hired by salons, and discovering the role of salon managers in different types of beauty establishments. Toward the end of your course, you may get quite a bit of experience by completing an internship or practicum in a local salon. This experience also permits you to start networking in the salon industry. Your career in the beauty industry could get started by contacting salon management schools in Minnesota.

License Renewal

We know it's cool that you don't have to earn or renew a salon manager license in Minnesota. But do you want to be a stellar salon manager? Of course you do! That's why we think earning your cosmetology license in this state will be the best way to ensure your success. You can develop the cosmetology and business skills to make sure your salon runs as smoothly as possible. If you earn your license in Minnesota, you'll have to renew it every three years, and pay an $81 fee.

Minnesota Salon Management Careers


Average yearly salary for salon management in Minnesota

Minnesota has a fairly stable job outlook for spa managers, which may help you in your job search after graduation. O*Net reports an expected 9% increase in spa management jobs between 2012 and 2022. This may lead to over 100 new jobs per year in this state. Your job outlook may be dependent on your previous experience in the field of cosmetology. If you are a licensed cosmetologist or you've worked in salons for many years, your expertise may give you a better personal job outlook. You may earn a solid salary as a spa or salon manager. Managers are typically paid an hourly wage or a salary, rather than earning tips like other cosmetology professionals. According to O*Net, the average salary for a spa manager is $33,900 per year. As you work your way into high-end salons and spas, your earning potential may increase accordingly.

Being a successful salon manager is more than just making sure the books are balanced at the end of the night and keeping the floor covered at all times. You have to create a salon culture and environment that is enjoyable for customers and staff alike. Michael Van Clarke, a successful salon owner who once worked with John Frieda, stresses the importance of salon culture. He tells owners and managers to put in more than you take out, keep clients entertained, take risks, and inspire your staff. Keep these tips in mind as you start building your career in this specialty. Salon management may require flexibility and a dedication to your industry. Some days, you may work 12 hours, while you may work just a few hours other days to cover an owner's absence. Depending on the needs of your salon, you may work evenings and weekends. Your schedule may cover administrative tasks, floor time, scheduling time, and staff interactions. Being willing to tackle all of these management areas can make you a huge asset to your salon!

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In Minnesota, the best and brightest of beauty salons stand out due to a keen mix of style and professional organization. This is mainly due to the vision of some individuals who take it upon themselves to get into salon management early. These places prove vital to that aim.

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