Barbers are men and women who specialize in men’s (primarily) hair and grooming needs. They cut and style hair, color it, fit hairpieces, and shave and shape facial hair. The majority of barbering takes place in barber shops, which are located in cities and towns all over the country, including the state of Arizona.

But some barbers work in other settings, such as beauty salons, hotels and spas, and in special settings such as hospitals and nursing homes, prisons, and other locations. If you enjoy helping people to look and feel their best, and you enjoy the company of other people and talking with them about a wide range of subjects, barbering in the state of Arizona might be a good career fit for you!

Barber Schools in Phoenix
State License Requirements

To practice as a barber in the state of Arizona, it is necessary to attend a school of barbering and become licensed as a barber. You will need to complete 1500 hours of schooling at an accredited institution.

Education Details

There, you will learn about hairstyling, haircutting, hair weaving, shaving techniques and fashions in men’s facial hair. You will also study bleaching and hair coloring, In addition, the school will teach you about how to manage yourself professionally, safety and hygiene techniques and regulations, and legal regulations. Because many barbers eventually own their own shops, some schools also include business courses in their curricula. Students practice on manniquins and on each other before they begin to work on live clients. Some schools offer internship opportunities in which you get to work under the tutelage of a licensed barber who can give you valuable tips and advice about working with real clients in real shops. Most people study at specialized barbering or cosmetology schools, but there are some community colleges and even some high schools that offer barbering programs.

License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
2 Years
License Renewal Period

Arizona barbers will need to keep up with the license renewal process in this state to maintain their active status, and work legally. After you earn your barber license, the State Board of Barbers requires you to renew your license every two years, no later than your date of birth. The cost to renew is $80, and establishment licenses expire by June 30th annually. So if you are a barber, and own your own shop, you’ll need to put both dates on your calendar.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

According to O*Net statistics, the median salary for barbers in the state of Arizona was $27,900 in 2013, compared to a median of $25,000 across the United States. Of course, many barbers, particularly those who own their own shops, can earn much more than this ( Projected growth for this field is estimated to be between 8% and 14% between 2012 and 2022, making this an attractive career possibility. If you have an area of specialty, such as hair coloring or placement of hair pieces, you may be able to earn a higher salary as well.

Working as a Barber

Most barbers work full time, although scheduling flexibility is a plus with this career direction, and working part time is also a possibility. Evening and weekend hours are very common, because barbers must accommodate the schedules of their clientele. Typically, a barber working at a shop sees a number of clients during a workday and performs various services, focused mostly on hair cutting and styling, and shaving and styling facial hair. They should enjoy the company of other people, particularly men, and like talking with people about a range of subjects. Being a good listener is an important skill for those in this profession. If you choose to open your own shop, you will have all the elements of running a business in addition to barbering skills: handling finances, interviewing and hiring personnel, ordering supplies, making sure your shop is adequately staffed each day, handling issues as they arise, and others.

State board Contact Information

Arizona Board of Cosmetology
1721 East Broadway
Tempe, AZ 85282-1611
Phone Number: 480-784-4539
Fax Number: 480-784-4962
E-mail Address:

The Arizona Board of Cosmetology can help you with replacing a lost cosmetology li-cense, updating a change of name or change of address information, getting the forms you need for licensure or renewal, and answering any questions you may have.

Arizona is a place where those interested in hair care as a living could see an
open horizon for possibilities thanks to highly visible cities like Phoenix and
Tuscon. Anyone specifically looking to pursue a career in barber care should
consult these listed groups.

Arizona Board Of Barbers
Arizona Board Of Cosmetology
Arizona Barber Styling College

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