Barber Schools and License Requirements in New Hampshire

New Hampshire

If you’re interested in working with men and meeting their unique cosmetology needs, you may be well-suited to a career in barbering.

Barbers are trained to maintain facial hair, provide men with a wide range of hair styles, and make men look well-groomed.

State License Requirements

The New Hampshire Board of Barbering, Cosmetology, and Aesthetics licenses barbers and regulates their careers. To be eligible for licensure as a barber, you must complete a training program that lasts at least 800 hours. If you want to become a master barber, a training program of no fewer than 1,500 hours is required.

Education Details

Your training program should cover a variety of skills and areas of knowledge. Prior to actually working with clients and learning barbering techniques, you must know how to work safely. Instructors cover the proper way to maintain high hygiene standards and minimize the risk of infection. You will also learn how to cut hair, how to trim and shave facial hair, and how to keep clients coming back to your chair.

License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
2 Years
License Renewal Period

License renewal in New Hampshire happens every two years in the licensee's birth month. You must have submitted your renewal application by the last day of your birth month. The cost to renew a beauty practitioner's license is $40. Though continuing education is not required for most other beauty practitioners’ licenses, cosmetology CEUs are always recommended to stay current in the industry.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

Barber shops are rapidly increasing in popularity around the United States, leading to a natural increase in demand for skilled barbers. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net predicts an 8% increase in barbering jobs in New Hampshire. The salaries reported by barbers vary quite a bit. According to O*Net, the average salary for a barber is $25,000 per year. The highest paid barbers earn more than $44,200 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Working as a Barber
State board Contact Information

New Hampshire State Board of Barbering, Cosmetology & Esthetics
121 South Fruit Street
Concord, NH 03301
Phone Number: 603-271-3608
Fax Number: 603-271-8889

Even though continuing education may not be a required part of maintaining your license, you may still wish to take advantage of local training events for the sake of your career, which you can find through the Board’s website.

You can also contact the New Hampshire Board of Barbering, Cosmetology, and Esthetics directly for more information or to answer your specific questions.

For those residing in New Hampshire, becoming a barber has gotten to be a good
deal more promising. This is mainly due to the popularity of more modern shops
and the professionals who staff them. The state has a dedicated base of information
and guidelines for those interested.

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