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How to Become a Salon Manager in Georgia

Think about everything that goes into the management and running of a salon: staff scheduling, customer satisfaction, product ordering, industry analysis, and customer appointments. It's clear that salon managers are incredibly important in Georgia salons, making this a great degree choice for those who want a challenging, fast-paced work environment.

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State License Requirements

Georgia joins many other states in its decision to avoid licensure requirements for salon managers. Since managers work with the administrative side of the beauty industry, they are not required to have hands-on training in a salon setting. However, some businesses do prefer to hire managers with previous experience in this industry or a current license. Completing coursework in business management and salon culture may give you additional insight into the field of salon management.

Education Details

Business finance and business operations are some of the biggest parts of a spa management program. After all, you need to be able to keep the books balanced and ensure that the salon can run effectively from day to day. Courses in these areas include Human Resources, Salon Staff Management, and Fundamentals of Accounting. You may spend quite a bit of time working with customers, including those that are satisfied and those that are in need of help. In addition, you may need communication skills that allow you to manage staff. You may take classes like Customer Service in a Salon and Strategic Salon Leadership. Since cosmetology is such a regulated field, salon managers have to ensure that their salons are always up to code. You may learn about how to follow Georgia salon laws, keep a salon clean and orderly, and prepare for inspections.

License Renewal

If you earn your cosmetology licensure in Georgia, you will renew through the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology by March 31st in even-numbered years for $50.

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Average yearly salary for salon management in Georgia

Given what a large role salon managers play in salons and spas, it should come as no surprise that the job outlook for spa and salon managers is very positive in Georgia. Estimates provided by O*Net indicate an expected 15% increase in personal care management jobs between 2010 and 2020, a growth rate that's 4% higher than the national average. The average salary for a salon manager in Georgia, according to O*Net, is $30,100 per year. However, reported salaries range from $18,800 to $54,500, so there may be quite a bit of room for upward growth. You do not have to worry about licensure or certification in this state, so you can begin looking for jobs upon completing your education. Joining a local group like the Georgia Spa & Salon Association may give you extra tools that you can use to further your career in this industry.

If you're currently a stylist, stepping up to a salon manager position can be quite a change. However, your schedule may be similar. Salon managers often work nights and weekends to ensure that the salon runs smoothly at all times. If the owner is heavily involved in the business, you may work opposite shifts to provide full coverage of the salon. In addition, you might be responsible for lots of different duties. This can make for an exciting work day, since there's always something to do! Managers must be able to communicate well, both with staff members and with customers. You may be expected to resolve incidents of customer dissatisfaction or stylist complaints. You might spend some time in the office, creating schedules and making sure that the salon's finances are in order. Karrin Lawrence, the founder of Pure Clarity, lists a few traits that salon managers must have. She notes that successful managers should have an even temperament as well as clear communication skills. With these traits, you can build solid relationships with your staff and create a great environment in the workplace.

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