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How to Become a Salon Manager in Maryland

Managing spas or salons can be an excellent career choice for those whose passions run to wellness and beauty. There are challenges unique to the business that spa and salon managers must meet ranging from separating out fads from trends, to sanitation, safety, and managing a high-turnover workforce. The level of noise also needs to be managed so that clients receiving spa and other treatments requiring quiet can get the peace and relaxation they need as part of their experience.

Balancing all these needs and demands is all in a day's work for spa and salon managers who have the responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the business. It is challenging work, but if you are open to challenges, and don't mind putting in long hours and rolling up your sleeves, a career as a spa or salon manager in Maryland could be your next upward move on the ladder of career success!

State License Requirements

While there is no specific licensing requirement to be able to manage a spa or salon, keeping your license current in whatever area of the beauty industry you're trained in is helpful, as you may have to fill in for staff when there are unexpected absences.

Education Details

Spa and salon managers have to know the business inside-out, so it helps if you are already a practicing professional within the industry, like a hair stylist, aesthetician, or masseuse. You will need training in how to run a business, and not just any business, but the particular business of a salon or spa. Fortunately, this training is available, often at the cosmetology, hair styling, and hair dressing schools where you may have originally trained for your current position. These programs typically run 6 to 12 months, although it could take longer, depending on how many courses you are able to take per semester. The focus of your courses will be on the business end of things: making sure your customers are satisfied, being an effective staff leader, safety and sanitation regulations and laws with which you must comply, billing and business finance, the use of business software, marketing and advertising, and more.

License Renewal

If you want to have the cosmetology skills to manage workers and ensure quality service to your customers, we recommend enrolling in a cosmetology program. This will require going through a renewal process every two years, with a $25 fee. However, cosmetology programs often include courses in accounting, marketing, and other areas that are often taken for granted when envisioning this line of work. The salon world is competitive, and you should make sure you are highly qualified to thrive before you step into this role.

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Average yearly salary for salon management in Maryland

The average yearly wage earned by cosmetologists, hair dressers and hair stylists in Maryland during 2013 was $25,400, according to O*Net. Managing a spa or salon is a big step up from the individual practice of a beauty skill, and you can expect that with your additional salon management training and certificate, you may be in a position to earn more. Unlike individual practitioners, who are paid as a percentage of the fees they receive from working with individual clients, spa and salon managers are more likely to be paid a flat salary, and to receive less of their income in tips. If you have prior experience working as an assistant manager this may also make a difference in the salary you earn. The outlook for beauty industry professionals is bright, with growth anticipated in the next several years, so there should be demand for your services as a spa or salon manager.

You will have a large number of varying responsibilities in your role as a spa or salon manager. You'll need to determine the mission of your spa or salon, whether it is beauty, health, wellness, stress reduction, or related service, and gear all your efforts towards achieving this mission. You'll spend part of the day in the office taking care of things such as paying bills, ordering supplies, checking on inventory, marketing and advertising, and managing staff. You may want to put into place marketing strategies such as gift certificates and bundled services, for example. Much of your day will be spent out on the floor, overseeing the day-to-day functioning of the spa or salon, making sure staff is working efficiently and that customers are happy and satisfied. You may talk with customers as they enter and leave the spa or salon, and solicit their feedback as to what they enjoyed and to what you could be doing better. The cleanliness of the salon or spa is your responsibility, too, as is compliance with safety and sanitation regulations. Working as a spa or salon manager is virtually always a full time job with long hours, and less scheduling flexibility than for individual practitioners. You will need a high amount of energy and stamina and the ability to put in long hours. But if you are ready for new challenge along with a host of new responsibilities and opportunities, a career as a spa or salon manager in Maryland just could be the right move for you!

Contact the Maryland State Board of Cosmetology

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You can contact the board if you have additional questions about obtaining a Maryland state cosmetology license.

In Maryland, many beauticians enjoy a faithful client base, so much so that they go into business for themselves. With that in mind, the tenements of salon management look to be a solid choice. They look into these resources for guidance.

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