Teacher Training

Think back to your time spent in cosmetology school—what made the biggest impression on you? Was it the materials you used, a technique you mastered, or a teacher who inspired your love of cosmetology and made you feel confident in your abilities? If you’re like most students, the quality of your instruction and teaching was incredibly important to you. By becoming a cosmetology instructor in Arkansas, you can have a similar effect on students’ lives and support the growth of the beauty industry.

Teacher training builds on the skills gained during cosmetology school and your beauty career to help you effectively communicate your knowledge and expertise to beauty students. If you are ready to explore this option, contact the beauty schools in Arkansas with instructor programs to learn more.

State License Requirements
Hours +Valid Cosmetology License

To be eligible for a cosmetology instruction license in Arkansas, you must meet the standards of the Arkansas Department of Health. You must have completed 600 hours of cosmetology training, leading to a valid cosmetology license. From there, you can take the cosmetology instructor exam.

Education Details

Though no further instructor training is technically required in Arkansas, many who hope to get into teaching find it extremely helpful to complete a certificate or degree program in cosmetology instruction. Your curriculum may start with a look at the role that instructors play in the beauty field and what you should bring to the table. Your teacher may also cover important concepts of teaching that may help you better connect with students. Through your practicum courses, you can learn how to communicate with students and put your training to work.

License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
2 Years*
License Renewal Period

In Arkansas, you will renew your cosmetology instructor license every year by your birthday, and pay an $80 fee. This will be handled by the Arkansas Department of Health, and you can submit your application online. Although you will not be required to take continuing education courses in the state of Arkansas, we highly recommend looking for ways to keep up on the latest trends and skills your clients will want. That’s why it’s important to talk with schools that teach these programs to see how teachers stay connected.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

Across the country, the job outlook for beauty instructors and other vocational teachers is quite positive. However, it’s especially promising in Arkansas. In the years between 2012 and 2022, O*Net anticipates a 28% increase in vocational teaching job openings in Arkansas. This job growth rate is over two times higher than the national average, possibly leading to nearly 50 new job openings per year (O*Net, 2012). You may earn a fairly wide range of salaries as a cosmetology instructor in Arkansas. Quite a bit depends on how much experience you have in the field and which cosmetology school you work for. Across Arkansas, the average salary for a cosmetology instructor is $39,400 per year (O*Net, 2013). The more specialized skills you have to offer an employer, the more leverage you may have in getting a higher salary. Additionally, high-end schools may pay instructors more than other schools. Consider building up your skills in different areas of cosmetology as you work toward becoming an instructor.

Working as a Cosmetology Instructor

Though you do need strong cosmetology skills to begin working as a beauty school instructor in Arkansas, this job has an entirely different set of requirements and expectations than those that come with a cosmetology career. You must be dedicated to the success of your students, as they are looking to you for encouragement in the field and for tips for success. As a result, your teaching and communication skills may be even more important than your beauty skills. Students from all different walks of life come to beauty school, and you need to be able to teach and empower all of them. In addition to teaching your skills how to use different hairstyling tools and communicate with clients, you may prepare them for the business aspects of cosmetology.

The Daily Tribune reports that nearby cosmetology schools prepare students for their new careers by teaching them accounting, small business management, and employer communication. It’s important to realize how important your chosen career is in the field of cosmetology. As an instructor, you are responsible for training the next generation of cosmetologists, teaching them how to keep customers happy, and influencing the trends that will hit the mainstream in years to come.

State board Contact Information

Arkansas State Board of Cosmetology
4815 W. Markham St. Slot 8
Little Rock, AR 72205
Phone Number: 501-682-2168
Fax Number: 501-682-5640
E-mail: cosmo@arkansas.gov

The Arkansas State Board of Cosmetology can help you with obtaining an Arkansas state cosmetology license, replacing a lost cosmetology license or updating change of name or change of address information.

In any "people" business such as cosmetology in Arkansas, it is very important to connect with people that are in the same business as you.  Below are some of the associations in Arkansas we recommend looking into.

  • Arkansas Cosmetology School Owners Association
  • Arkansas Cosmetology & Barbering Association
  • Arkansas Department of Health

Find the Beauty Schools in Arkansas that interest you below,

The Salon Professional Academy

13125 HWY 107,
Sherwood, AR 72120

Program: Cosmetology

Do you Love Fasion and Beauty? Maximize Your Creativity at The Salon Professional Academy Welcome to The Salon Professional Academy in North Little Rock! The vision of our school is to provide you with Do you Love Fasion and Beauty? Maximize Your Creativity at The Salon Professional Academy Welcome to The Salon Professional Academy in North Little Rock! The vision of our school is to provide you with an education in an industry that inspires you! Our instructors understand the skills students will need to thrive in the industry. These not only include the obvious technical abilities, but sharp business skills as well. These business skills help set The Salon Professional Academy apart from other schools. If you are passionate about making a professional career out of your creativity; The Salon Professional Academy in North Little Rock can help you pursue your dreams. We are always looking for the next top stylist. A Beautiful Learning Environment Enroll in a brand new kind of school - The Salon Professional Academy. We are a REDKEN 5th Avenue School. We have a beautiful location in North Little Rock, AR that is a one-of-a-kind school. We prefer small class sizes so that every student receives the attention that will help them succeed in this industry. Visit us to see what we have to offer you. Everything you'll see reflects the finest in salon training. • Quality styling stations • Manicure tables • Pedicure thrones • Esthetic beds • Computer centers • Makeup area and retail center You can also learn using quality professional products from leading manufacturers. Some of these products may include: • Redken hair care, styling products, hair color, and texture • OPI nail products • Sorme makeup • Clinical Care Skin Solutions Program Overview Our approach to education is student-centered. That means we strive to make you a knowledgeable, prepared leader in the salon industry. Rather than relying only on traditional cosmetology practices, we continually update our educational curriculum. Redken educators from across the country come to our facility regularly to educate our instructors and students. Our instructors attend additional training and pass that new knowledge on to our students. Tuition includes books and kit. An enrollment fee is due at contract signing. Convenient payment plans may be used or loans may be arranged for those who qualify. Class size is limited. Enroll today to get the class of your choice. Contact admissions to find out more about SCHOLARSHIPS! The Salon Professional Academy in North Little Rock offers the following programs: Your Career is Waiting! We believe that the most important aspect of your training comes when your formal education is complete: your career. We aspire to help place our graduates in privately held salons and spas, where income is the highest. In addition to helping our graduates find work in local salons, we place some graduates in the 6,000 Redken Club 5th Avenue salons across the country. Contact Us! We want you to experience our student-centered approach to a cosmetology education. Let us help you gain a professional edge and a new career to love!
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