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Ready to step to the front of the classroom and help new beauty school students get excited about learning essential career skills? We imagine you have years of experience, many happy clients, and a love for talking about all things beauty-related. Take that skillset and turn it into a passion. There are several reasons to enter Louisiana’s cosmetology teacher training programs. Whether you want to teach full or part-time, or conduct workshops at events such as the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo, the first step towards success starts with top-notch Louisiana beauty school teacher training.

Our expertise lies in helping students like you get the info you need to make a sound decision for your beauty school training. You can also find helpful facts about teaching cosmetology school that are specific to Louisiana. If you’re ready to start comparing schools right now, then check out the list below, or use the search box located at the top of this page to make it happen. And don’t worry, with the right education, you can be ready to step to the head of the class and share your wisdom with the next generation.

State License Requirements
Hours + Cosmetology License

Before you can become a cosmetology instructor in Louisiana, you have to be a licensed cosmetologist. Once you have earned your cosmetology license, you can start working toward teaching certification. The state of Louisiana requires completion of a 500-hour teacher training program for licensure. You must also pass a practical exam that includes advanced cosmetology procedures.

Learn more about the licensing process:

Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology

Education Details

Louisiana cosmetology instructor training starts with curriculum. If you want to choose the right teacher training program, then start by reviewing the courses and topics each one focuses on. You will want to develop leadership skills, the ability to design curriculum, and assess student performance. Now that you have the experience and passion for teaching, it’s time to channel your aspirations into the right instructor training program.

Louisiana cosmetology instructor courses: •

  • Learning styles •
  • Teaching methods •
  • Classroom management •
  • License and state regulations
License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
1 Year*
License Renewal Period

To work as a professional cosmetology instructor in Louisiana, you will need to earn your cosmetology license first. Since they do not have an official instructor license, you must accumulate 500+ training hours to qualify for this job. In Louisiana, continuing education courses are not required to maintain your cosmetology license. You must renew your license every year by your birthday. This involves submitting your application and paying a $25 fee to the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology, who can answer any additional questions you have about this process.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022
Working as a Cosmetology Instructor

The Job Outlook for a Beauty School Instructor in Louisiana appears to have some room for growth. Beauty School Instructors can expect little to no competition in the LA market and should consider specializing to easily promote instruction strengths. With a location quotient of 0.74 and an average annual wage of $45,630, Louisiana is considered to have a lower employment level for this occupation, but with a decent wage.

State board Contact Information

Louisiana Board of Cosmetology
11622 Sunbelt Court
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Phone Number: 225-756-3404
Toll-Free Phone Number: 866-257-7901
Fax Number: 225-756-3410
E-mail: steve.young@la.gov

Contact the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology for help with additional questions about obtaining a Louisiana cosmetology license.

To excel as a cosmetology instructor in Louisiana, network with like-minded professionals. Your peers can help you increase your knowledge of the industry and attract more customers. Below is a list:

Find the Beauty Schools in Louisiana that interest you below,

Aveda Institute Covington

1355 Polders Lane,
Covington, LA 70434

Program: Teacher Training

Aveda Institute Baton Rouge

2834 S Sherwood Forest Ste. A,
Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Program: Cosmetology

Aveda Institute Hammond

104 East Thomas Street,
Hammond, LA 70401

Program: Cosmetology

Blue Cliff College - Houma

803 Barrow Street,
Houma, LA 70360

Program: Cosmetology

Aveda Institute Lafayette

2922 Johnston Street,
Lafayette, LA 70503

Program: Cosmetology

Blue Cliff College - Lafayette

120 James Comeaux Road,
Lafayette, LA 70508

Program: Cosmetology

Blue Cliff College - Metairie

3200 Cleary Ave.,
Metairie, LA 70002

Program: Cosmetology

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