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In just about the cutest cosmetology instructor story we’'ve ever read, a New Mexico teacher hosted a ‘hair school for dads and daughters’ in Los Alamos. This is a perfect example of why it can be a blast to be a cosmetology teacher. There are so many instructors across the nation who do their part to contribute to the betterment of their communities. If this is the kind of career that that makes sense for your skills, then let’s turn your daydreams of teaching beauty courses into a reality!

Finding a teacher training program to become a cosmetology instructor in New Mexico shouldn’'t be a complicated process. That’s why we laid out the quick facts you’ll need to get started below. And if you keep going past that you’ll run right into our beauty school listings in the state. Or, you can go ahead and use the search box above to narrow your options. When you speak with schools, be sure to tell them your goals, and ask how they help students like yourself succeed after graduation.

State License Requirements
Hours + Cosmetology License

To become a cosmetology teacher in New Mexico, you must complete a 1,000-hour training course that covers state laws, student learning, teaching methods, and student evaluation. You must also have a current license in the subject you want to teach, such as cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, or manicuring. An initial practitioner license is $50 in New Mexico.


Find out more about becoming a cosmetology instructor:

New Mexico Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists

Education Details

New Mexico cosmetology instructors need a whole new set of skills to translate years of practice into the ability to teach others. When you compare teacher training programs, be sure you choose one that helps you learn how to design coursework, adapt to various student learning styles, and apply ethical student retention strategies.

New Mexico cosmetology teacher training should cover: •

  • Student assessment •
  • Examination administration •
  • Learning styles •
  • Teaching methods
License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
1 Year
License Renewal Period

To become a cosmetology instructor in New Mexico, it’s pretty clear what you need to do and how you renew your license. Since they do not offer a separate license, you’ll need to earn your standard cosmetologist’s license and complete 1,000 training hours. Instructors must take at least 12 continuing education courses per year. The renewal is every 2 years during your birth month, with a $50 fee. You will need to pay your fee, and direct any additional license question to the New Mexico Licensing and Regulation Department.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022
Working as a Cosmetology Instructor
State board Contact Information

New Mexico Board of Barbers & Cosmetologists
2550 Cerillos Road, 2nd Floor Toney Anaya Building
PO Box 25101
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone Number: 505-476-4622
Fax Number: 505-476-44665

The New Mexico State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists can help you with renewing your cosmetology license, as well as answer additional questions about obtaining a New Mexico cosmetology license from out of state.

New Mexico has a number of professional organizations that can help you move forward in your cosmetology career. Whether you're just getting started or want to continue your education, here are a few cosmetology associations you'll find helpful: 

  • New Mexico Salon and Spa Association 
  • New Mexico Board of Cosmetology
  • New Mexico Skin Care Professionals Association

Find the Beauty Schools in New Mexico that interest you below,

Computer Career Center, a Division of Vista College

850 North Teshor Boulevard,
Las Cruces, NM 88011

Program: Cosmetology

Our mission is YOUR SUCCESS!  When you succeed, we succeed. That is why we provide high-quality, specialized career preparation for all our students. Our goal is to help you find your rewarding career. Our mission is YOUR SUCCESS!  When you succeed, we succeed. That is why we provide high-quality, specialized career preparation for all our students. Our goal is to help you find your rewarding career.
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