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How to Become a Salon Manager in Michigan

Any business that employs lots of people relies on management to keep everything running smoothly, and that's especially true in the salon industry! From stylists that need a day off to customers that want to know why their appointment started 15 minutes late, managers are the glue that keeps salons running smoothly.

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State License Requirements

If you decide to study salon management in Michigan, you can plan on getting an education in the salon industry, management skills, customer service techniques, and business finance. That's why many people choose to earn an Associate's degree or Bachelor's degree in salon management - having a strong education in these areas can help you excel in a salon.

Education Details

Much of your curriculum may deal with management techniques. Depending on the size of your salon, you may supervise five or 50 employees! One salon may host a huge variety of personality types, and you must be able to communicate effectively with every staff member on your team. On top of learning how to communicate with staff about their needs, you may learn disciplinary and reward techniques. Customer service is at the core of any salon job. If something goes wrong during a service, the first thing most customers do is ask for a manager. Your instructors can teach you how to listen to a customer's concerns and come up with a solution that can keep them happy.

License Renewal

The key to success as a salon manager in Michigan is quality education. Sure, you don't have to have a cosmetology license in this state to legally operate a salon - but we think it's the smartest move. Why? Because you will have the ability to help out any of your workers in a pinch. And you can make sure they are giving your customers the service they deserve. Many programs offer management courses that cover accounting, marketing, and other business related topics. To renew your cosmetology license in Michigan, you will pay a $48 fee every other year by the end of August.

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Average yearly salary for salon management in Michigan

Salon management can be an exciting field, whether you have experience in the field of cosmetology or not. The job outlook is relatively stable. O*Net predicts an 11% increase in job openings between 2010 and 2020. Job growth may be similar in Michigan, particularly in larger cities like Lansing and Detroit. Some salons prefer to hire managers that have experience in cosmetology, so your job outlook may be more positive if you've worked as a cosmetologist before. You may also be able to earn a competitive salary as a salon manager. O*Net indicates that most salon managers in Michigan earn between $21,100 and $58,000 per year. The average salary for a Michigan salon manager is $34,000 per year, which is very close to the national average (O*Net, 2013). Salon managers do not have to be licensed in Michigan. If your employer requires managers to be certified cosmetologists, you can maintain your licensure through the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

As you get ready to begin your career as a salon manager, prepare yourself for dozens of different tasks and a schedule that never quits! While you may work during the day to be able to work alongside the salon owner, you may also work nights to make sure the salon is running as it should in the owner's absence. On any given day, you may interact with clients, go over numbers with the salon owner, create a schedule, and work out misunderstanding between stylists. It's important to have a cool head and be able to seamlessly switch from task to task. Whatever your salon owner does not want to do or does not have time to do will likely become your responsibility. Entrepreneur notes that salon managers are some of the most important people in salons across the country. Salon managers' tasks include bookkeeping, staff scheduling, purchasing, and facility management. As you develop a strong working relationship with your salon owner, you should work on learning how to predict what they need and what they expect of you. By doing what's needed before it's even asked of you, you can become an indispensable part of your salon and help it grow.

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The Michigan State Board of Cosmetology can help you answer additional questions about obtaining a Michigan state cosmetology license. Michigan’s beauty culture is a touchstone of inspiration for many, whether in or out of the chair. With that in mind, it’s also been a boost to those who want a fruitful career owning their own salon. As there are ample resources to make that a possibility, potential entrepreneurs get started with this information.

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