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How to Become a Salon Manager in California

Want to know how 6 California beauty salons made Elle's list of the nation's hottest salons? Stellar salon management and a grand vision for quality and customer service is the key to the success of all these establishments. It takes a passion for beauty, and an understanding of how to make smart business decisions. If your goal is to own your own salon, then you need to find the best cosmetology school training to develop your creative and business based skillset. And guess what? That's exactly what we're here for.

After reading the information laid out below, your next step is contacting beauty schools in your area of California. Talk to them about the best way to get the right salon management training. You'll have to balance your creative self with your business self when you purse this type of goal. It helps to have the steady hand of professionals with the right experience and empathy injected into your training. Just use the search box at the top of this page, or view the school listings below to get started!

State License Requirements

The state of California does not have any licensing requirements in place for salon managers. Salon managers can perform administrative and management tasks without any type of license or certification. You do need a current cosmetology license to work with clients, so many employers may still require a cosmetology license.

Education Details

When you prepare to manage a salon in California, your success relies on quality training from mentors with real-world experience. When choosing a salon/spa management program, look for courses that include bookkeeping, interpersonal skills and conflict management, customer service, and day-to-day operations. Some programs will even include sample business plans that can help you map out your strategies for success.

California salon management courses:

  • Accounting
  • Scheduling and managing workers
  • Contracts and salon licensure
  • Marketing

License Renewal

If you complete a 1,6000 training program and earn your license, you will need to renew it every odd-numbered year, by the date it was issued. The fee for renewal is currently $50.

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Average yearly salary for salon management in California

California offers two major hubs for aspiring beauty salon managers: San Francisco and Los Angeles. Other popular cities include San Diego, San Jose, Orange County and more. Overall, there are 16,910 employed managers in California that make an average salary of $42,690 per year. Job growth is expected to be positive. Beauty salon managers supervise employees that specialize in hair, nail, health and more. Beauty salons are widely popular in California.

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Beauty care is big business in California. The need for glamour has been a rocket booster to the fortunes of beauticians and the establishments they work in and own. Those who benefit from learning about proper salon management got insight from these places.

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