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How to Become a Salon Manager in Florida

What makes a salon or spa run successfully? Is it the estheticians, the cosmetologists, or the nail technicians? All of these professionals play a prominent role in a salon, but salon managers are the people that run the show and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

When people call a salon and look for an appointment, salon managers are the ones making sure that stylists aren't overbooked. When the Board of Cosmetology comes by for an inspection, salon managers ensure that everything is organized and ready for their visit.

State License Requirements

Currently, Florida does not have any certification or licensing requirements for salon managers. You may not perform any beauty services or prepare any hair processing mixtures as an unlicensed manager; your work must be limited to administrative tasks and customer service. Taking courses in management and business may help you become familiar with common management tasks. You may also want to take courses on salon culture and the beauty industry.

Education Details

Learning to become a salon manager generally takes one year or less of study. During this time, you can learn about keeping a salon up to code, creating schedules for different salon departments, and communicating respectfully with salon staff. You may also need to develop some financial skills if you want to take on salon management in Florida! Managers are often responsible for processing payroll, filling out tax paperwork, and paying a salon's bills. A large part of your curriculum may center around bookkeeping, ordering and paying vendors, and taxes. Can you work comfortably with a variety of people? This is an important part of salon management school! You may have to supervise lots of different staff members, including those who may be difficult to work with. As a salon management student, you might tackle different management skills that are particularly useful in a salon setting.

License Renewal

We think you should consider cosmetology programs that include business management and professional skill development. If you go this route, you can qualify to oversee hair, nail, makeup and skincare services. In Florida, you must renew your license every two years and pay $55.

Florida Salon Management Careers


Average yearly salary for salon management in Florida

Unlike other cosmetology professionals, salon managers in Florida often earn base hourly or annual salaries that aren't dependent on tips. The average spa manager in Florida earns $38,100 per year, according to O*Net. However, they report salaries ranging from $24,300 to $62,400 per year (O*Net, 2013). If you have experience in different areas of cosmetology, you may be able to earn a greater salary. Overall, the job outlook in Florida is fairly positive. Though O*Net expects job openings to increase by 11% across the country, they report an anticipated 12% increase in Florida. On average, this growth may create an impressive 500 new jobs per year (O*Net, 2010). This growth may be due to the fact that salon managers can work in many different settings. In Florida, salon and spa managers aren't regulated by the Board of Cosmetology. However, if you must maintain a license as part of your employment, be sure to renew it as needed! You might also look into joining the Florida Spa Association, a statewide group that helps salon and spa professionals take their career to the next level.

You could develop a range of important relationships and friendships as a salon manager. On a daily basis, you may communicate with the salon owner, salon staff and employees, and customers. That's why it's so important to be able to handle stressful situations day in and day out. Salon owners will likely look to you to handle daily issues that crop up, while salon staff and customers may come to you with problems that must be handled immediately. In addition, you may play a major role in significant long-term salon operations. Managers often help owners come up with marketing plans, hire and promote staff, and improve the future of the salon. The Tampa Bay Times recently reported on a story that shows how important salon managers can be. When a salon owner became ill, he decided to pass ownership of his salon to his spa manager. Nails Mag tells of how salon management and staff helped a salon survive against all odds after a hurricane. Salon managers often have a major impact on the success of their salons and employees.

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